The Company We Keep by Robert and Dayna Baer

I rarely allow my self the glossy-paged pleasure of reading a magazine even though I enjoy it so. I find they wake my inner “want” beast who insists I spend money on products and clothes I really can’t afford. Only when flying do I give in, and then I only ever get Marie Claire. Why MC? It’s progressive, has an international section and just flat out has the best content. Case in point – it was in an MC where I found an interview with husband and wife authors (and true-life CIA spies) Robert and Dayna Baer. They were promoting their new book The Company we Keep.

This book has it all.
Foreign settings and languages? Check.
Secret Ops and spy vernacular? Check.
Hand-to-hand combat and weapons training at clandestine camps? Check.
Engaging writing that reads like a story even though is based on a true events? Double check.

These two meet while doing recognizance on suspected terrorists in Greece. I think it was in Greece… Might’ve been in the Middle East. They know cool stuff. Stuff like: ceramic is tougher than glass, can be found in a common light bulb and is your best option when you need to shatter a car window without raising too much suspicion. They know how to take down a 200-pound guy holding a knife to your throat. And, perhaps most amazingly of all, they know how to write.

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